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Urethritis or something else? Please help!

Okay, this is a long story, but all details are necessary. About a week ago, I got a friction burn on my penis resulting in a small cut going down my frenulum. After a week of abstaining any sexual activity, the cut healed perfectly fine, however I now have some pain and sensitivity around my urethra and it looks a bit inflamed and irritated. I went to the doctor yesterday and they took a urine sample to see what might be causing the pain. There was no traces of bacteria in my urine, just a bit of blood. I got diagnosed with urethritis and was given antibiotics. I’m a bit concerned right now because I noticed a small bit of clear liquid coming out of my penis before I would urinate. I’m unsure as to whether it is discharge or a normal penile fluid. Since I had no bacteria in my urine, why would i have discharge? Can friction induced inflammation cause this? Since I had no bacteria in my urine, does this mean my urethritis is non-contageous? (Also, earlier this year i tested negative for all STDs, and am with the same sexual partner who is also clean) I’m just very confused as to what’s going on. Can urethritis form simply from a friction burn/irritation? Should I have my doctor test me for something else? It doesn’t hurt or burn when I pee, but the area around my urethra in general is a bit sensitive to the touch and feels very uncomfortable.  
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