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Urethroplasty advise..need help

Hi all,

I have been diagnosed with a urethral stricture. I did urethrotomy followed by several sessions of dilations (probably 10 sessions in two years). Now the stricture is grown again and I am facing the same pain and difficulty in urination and sex. I have somehow adjusted my mind to live with it; but I am afraid if this is going to increase with time ? is there any permanent treatment which is safe and non invasive ? any opinion from the those who did urethro plasty, how is the life after ? will that kill the issue forever...  I am 34 now.
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Sorry you have to deal with this. Urethroplasty is considered the most effective way of treating this and doing so permanently. The only way the stricture recurs after that is if you have a lot of scar tissue.  It's under anesthesia and delicate surgery but effective. You have a catheter for about 3 weeks. You'd likely recover quickly and mostly have swelling to deal with after. Pain normally only lasts about a week. Surgery is a big deal, I know. But you've tried other options and they've not fixed the issue. I'd consider the surgery.
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