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Urethroplasty post op healing

I had a urethroplasty 4 weeks ago.  Had the retrograde urethrogram 4 days ago.  The stented penile cath was removed after ensuring watertight integrity of repair.  I am told the suprapubic cath will remain as a redundant void path until body heals a bit more and relearns the old path. Anyone have this experience and if so, how long did it take to reestablish the old void path?  Tnx for any feedback
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Turns out, surgeon didn't leave adequate instructions regarding plugging the spc in the post-op timeframe.  I found this out via a conversation with the surgeon's RN a few days ago.  I  apologize for any confusion.  I was simply confused.
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Dude, that stinks.  What was their recommendation for you?
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