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My last urinalysis shows an occult Blood of 1+. All other fields are negative or normal. However, I have been feeling very ill since last December. An ultrasound from a month ago shows that I have a medium fibroma in my left side and a cyst in my right ovary. I am feeling pain since the day that I start to ovulate. My question is could this be related with my gynecological problems or could this be something else?

In addition, I have been having pains in different parts of my body that come and go, 3 injuries (joints) in 9 months out of the clear blue, headaches 3 times a week, feeling very tired, my nails are extremely dry and weak and my hair is thinning (both used to be very healthy). My cheeks turn very red and I feel itchiness and hotness in my face. Could these symptoms be related to the urinalysis result?

I have been to more than 8 doctors during the past 9 months, and I feel very desperate. Please, if you can give me any information on this topic, I will be eternally greatful.

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