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Urinary Obstruction

I'm a 14 year old female. Lately I have been having trouble urinating. I can never completely empty myself, and I often feel like I still have to go even though nothing comes out. I had an ultrasound for a different problem, and the radiologist mentioned that my bladder was still very full when I was done using the toilet. My regular doctor put me on antibiotics for this two days ago without checking to see if I have an infection, and they haven't done anything yet (but I still have three more days to go - maybe they'll be working by then). I was treated for a urinary tract infection back in December, and the pain went away but the difficulty urinating didn't. Since then I was on antibiotics for strep throat and, as soon as I finished that round, was put on another round of the same antibiotic for an extremely swollen lymph node.

I'm wondering if there's anything that I can do that would make using the bathroom easier. Also, is it possible that all three rounds of antibiotics I was on prior to this one missed some germs and caused the infection to re-occur?
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