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Urinary Retention

I am a 24 year old female who recently had a baby via c-section on January 2nd, 2008. During the labor process I was having a hard time urinating, but thought nothing of it. When they removed my catheter the next day, I was unable to void. They put the catheter back in...and still was not able to completely empty the day before I was discharged (during my 5 day stay I was probably catheterized 4 times).

I was sent home with a foley catheter and returned 3 days later for a voiding trial...I was still unable to void on my own. I then went to a urologist who said that the baby probably bruised my bladder and it just needed time to heal...so I was sent home for another week with a foley catheter. I had another void trial (one week later) and voided 100cc with a residual of 300cc. I was taught to self-catheterize and was told to do so and keep a record of the residual. I saw no improvement in two weeks and was then scheduled for uro-dynamics. The tests showed that my bladder was functioning normally and the pelvic muscle was normal.

The urologist told me that he thinks it is the neck of the bladder that is not contracting with the bladder causing the urine flow to cut off. He said that "they" don't know why this happens. I was instructed to continue self-catheterizing for 2 months and to call if there is no improvement. If there is no improvement we can consider a drug that is generally used for men (I think flomax).

My questions are:
Is there anything that could have happened during my labor and delivery (malpractice by a nurse or doctor) that could have caused this?

Does my doctor's diagnosis sound right...or should I seek a second opinion?

Is there anything I should be concerned about with self-catheterizing long term (if I have to)?
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Hi, i would like to find out, are u okay now? if yes, can u share with me what solution have u found out to cure ur problem? i would be very greatful to hear, thanks.
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