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Urinary Sediment

For about 2 years I have experienced "peeing sand".  This started with an occurance every 2-3 months or so and now it has grown much more frequent.  Sometimes it will happen miltiple times in one day, sometimes nothing for weeks.  At times, it looks like about a tablespoon of sand that is expelled, but sometimes the sand is expelled together in a gritty clump.  I can feel a pressure and warmth at the bladder sphincter and urethra when there is sediment present and ready to pass.  Rarely does this sediment pass during actual urination.  Instead, I will urinate and feel the need to urinate again, and if I force it, I will pass the sediment.
I have had multiple UAs done with no signifigant findings and a CT done, which showed no stones.  I have tried limiting caffeine, drinking nothing but water, but nothing notes a difference in symptoms.  I have been put on Potassium Citrate to alter my urine pH with no change in symptoms.  
This occurs at all times of day, all levels of hydration, and with/without an empty stomach.  When dried, the sediment is crystalline and powdery looking but not hard and calcified.
I have been to a urologist and he has not been able to make any diagnosis.  Do you possibly have any suggestions on what could be causing this?
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     How are you? Sediments in urine can be due to many reasons like infections, errors in metabolism, alterations in Ph of urine, spores, pollen, microbial over growth.  
As you mentioned that you have been tested for STD, have you also been tested for fungal diseases? Because treatment taken by you should have cleared your problem unless it is a fungal infection.
Check the levels of calcium. Are you on any medication regularly? Because certain drugs can also cause these symptoms.
Consult a urologist for further evaluation and treatment.
All the best.

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What sort of tests should I be looking at having done?  I just went to the urologist yesterday and had a cystoscopy done and my urologist pretty much told me he is out of tests to do and to not worry about my symptoms any longer.  Should I find another urologist or is there a test for the fungal infection that I can have my family doctor complete?
I was able to collect the "sand for my urologist, and he said the pathology report showed that it is struvite crystals, but that since my UA and cystoscopy showed nothing, that information meant nothing.  Am I in the wrong place?  Perhaps should I be considering a nephrologist?
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I was wondering if you have received any feedback on your issue? I've had the same problems, both with the urine and the clueless doctors. Was hoping to go into the Dr's Office armed with information!! Thanks.

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I am having the same issue with uti infections and in the last 60 days 30 days of different antibiotics. With blood and sand and severe back pain and pain in my hips but no stones the car scan showed no stones and the er thought I was crazy
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Any updates on diagnosis?  I am just experience issues and looking for information and waiting on culture.
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