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Urinary problems

Have had 2 rounds of antibiotic for UTI that was diagnosed with a UA negative for bacteria 3 times.  Bactrim first round, finishing up round of Cipro now.  Still having suprapubic pain and at night after being asleep, when I get up to urinate have alot of pressure but cannot get flow to start, takes almost a minute then have to strain to start, then its like something lets go and the urine comes out.  Not having this problem during the day, only at night after being asleep.
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Thanks for posting your query.
One of the important possibilities to be ruled out in your case is of interstitial cystitis which may be associated with urinary urgency, urinary frequency, waking at night to urinate (nocturia), and sterile urine cultures.

Symptoms include painful urination, nocturia (waking at night to urinate), urinary hesitancy and discomfort and difficulty driving, travelling or working.

To confirm the diagnosis you need to get a dipstick urinalysis, various urine cultures, flowmetry and post-void residual urine volume by ultrasound scanning and cystoscopy.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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