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Urinary urge when lying down

Help!  I feel I have tapped out the medical experts.

Since Nov. 2012, I have had bladder frequency, urgency, low yield when voiding and hesitation. This began when I moved into my new home.  I spent a small fortune on multiple inspections on the home - it is pristine.  At the time I moved, i stubbornly and foolishly moved furniture and heavy items by myself using mostly my legs (I had had surgery on my neck 2 years prior so was careful to protect my cervical spine.)

When this first occurred, I was visiting the bathroom every 15 minutes day and night! Often, I slept on the toilet. I have seen 22 health care practitioners- 4 urologists, gynecologists, urogynecologists, neurologist, neurosurgeon, an orthopedic doc, acupuncture, endocrinologist, sleep specialist, a cardiologist, dietician, my pcp, and physical therapists. I had an amazing life until this happened; I have had to withdraw from my doctoral program, cut back to bare minimum at work, exercise is terribly affected and have limited myself socially.

I have had every test, scan, procedure that the docs can think of - on my bladder, brain, and spine. My bladder is healthy; my spine has herniated and compressed discs and spinal stenosis throughout. Thankfully I have no pain. The docs say the compressions and herniations are not located where my bladder should be impacted. I have tried every medicine for bladder issues without any success or alleviation of symptoms. Hormones, cardiology testing, urine tests, cystoscopy, bladder functioning all normal. I had a neuromodulation implant surgically implanted in Nov. 2014.  With time and trial of different programs and amplitudes, my daytime issues are under control and I can work as a person with an unaffected bladder.

At night, or more accurately, when I am lying down (even napping during the day, the urgency comes back full force and constant.  When I go to the bathroom, urinary hesitancy is a terrible problem and I produce very little. Even during the day, I void no more than 5 ounces.

I have not slept uninterrupted, longer than 2 hours at a time in over 2 years. Most nights my awakening to void is hourly. I have missed far too much work - 1 day a week often- as I am so exhausted.  

Please, I am feeling desperate. This has taken over my life. Any advice, guidance, referrals are welcome.

Thank you,

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Vic have you tried stress/anxiety management  by chance?  If you suffer from anxiety like I do.  Frequent urination is and can be an issue.
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DMSO. Can make a difference with some of every ones problems .
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I have. Thank you for your reply. I meditate daily and am actually a relatively calm and relaxed person (besides this health issue).
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What is DMSO?
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DIMETHYLSULFOXIDE is this DMSO? I will have to ask my urologist about this. Thank you so much.
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