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Urine Analysis results question

I had a urine analysis and 5 parts of the test came back abnormal. I would think they should be looked into but all my doctor said was to drink more water. Any thoughts? Should I be concerned? I am a 58 yr old woman.
1-occult blood 1+/2-Leukocyte Esterase 2+/3-WBC 6-10/HPF/4-RBC 3-10HPF/5-Hyaline cast 0-5LPF THANK YOU
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Some of those are barely positive for what they are testing for. You might be a bit dehydrated, for example, which is why your doc said to drink more water.

If there was no bacteria found, you don't have an infection.

Increase your water, decrease alcohol and caffeine if you drink either of those, and see how you feel.
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