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Urine Bilirubin on strip?

I have a pack of urine strips my sister in law who is a nurse gave me. I notice if my urine is concentrated, the bilirubin seems to go up a shade to trace. Once I start drinking, it shows no bilirubin. My wife tried one as well, and it seemed to do the same thing. Is this normal? Does concentrated urine make the bilirubin strip hard to read? If it were really an issue, would drinking make it show negative? Thanks.
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By the way, I know Bilirubin in urine is NOT normal. I know it can signal bile duct and liver issues. My question is just if urine concentration affects the strip. It only shows trace when urine is concentrated. Once I have some water or anything else, it shows negative.
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If you have been feeling unwell and your urine is not a normal colour (cloudy, foul smelling, may be dark), frequent urination, then book an appointment to see your doctor.  

If you notice that your skin has a yellow tinge or the whites of your eyes are yellowish, make an appointment to see your doctor.

The urine strips are a good indicator, but they are not always accurate, they can get out of date and they can also get contaminated and give a good reading.  

If you are concerned, make an appointment to see your doctor and request your doctor to send a sample of your urine to the laboratory for analysis.
Sometimes the urine sticks do not show up anything and the readings may show normal.  

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Have been feeling fine. No jaundice. Just shows bilirubin when urine is very concentrated(when I wake up or haven't drank in awhile). Once I hydrate, it shows negative bilirubin. I have had no other signs of liver issues.
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Small traces of bilirubin without any symptoms may not have any significance,  If the bilirubin marker in the urine stick is quite high, this would need investigating.

If you do drink alcohol, and take medications for high blood pressure then it would be wise to ask your doctor for a blood test to check your kidney and liver function.

Do bear in mind that the urine dip sticks are only a guide and not always accurate.  A laboratory analysis would give a precise result.

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