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Urine flow poor/stps

OK, so for a while now, (several years) my urine flow has seemed to lose strength.  Also when I would go to wipe the head of my penis, the last drop would always be pink.  At one point I urinated bright red blood.  Scared me so I went to the doctor.  He prescribed Cipro and this caused my urine flow to increase to the point where i was going to the restroom about 8-10 times a day.  I usually go only aobut 4 times a day.  The flow never increased but the volume did.  Before the cipro I would take about 45-55 seconds to empty my bladder because of the poor urine flow.

I am 35 years old.  I'm a social drinker that usually drank margaritas and mostly liquor.  I only recently started drinking beer.  Before the holidays, I went out with my wife and got drunk off of beer.  While still at the club I noticed that my urine flow was to the point where it was dribbling out.  Within minutes when I would have to go back, my urine flow stopped all together and while the sensation that I was urinating was there, no urine flow was present.  I found myself straining and because I was straining so much, I would have to sit down because i was afraid that i would have a bowel movement while trying to urinate.  It felt like a workout.  I would often sweat more than I would urinate.  The episodes during which I could not urinate would usually last about 36 hours during which I would get no sleep because of the urge to go during the night.  

i have had about 4 such episodes where my urine flow would stop altogether.  Three of those episodes happened during nights where I would drink beer.  The last one happened within hours of taking a diet pill (phentermine).  I am currently on flomax and while that seems to help a little, after 4 days of not taking it, my conditions immediatley went back to the point where I really noticed a decrease in urine flow.  I noticed that a post in another forum said that when he went to urinate and farted, his urine flow would stop, that also happens to me.  One other note, when I am having one of episodes, I not only cannot urinate but I also cannot ejaculate.  I have an orgasm, but no ejaculate is present.  Where did it go?

I need help.
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Have you been tested for Diabetes?  What happened to your sperm is called Retrograde Ejaculation. The seminal fluid passes from the posterior part of the urethra and into the bladder.  I would definitely see a urologist, quit drinking as much, and get tested for diabetes.  Hope this helps.
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Have you seen a urologist?

Straining during urination, decrease in urine flow, dribbling of urine, difficulty in ejaculation may suggest obstructive symptoms. A complete physical examination by a physician is needed to determine the cause.

Are there any palpable mass in the groin or scrotum? A simple urinalysis may not be enough. Further tests that would visualize the structures may be requested.
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