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Urine pressure all the time

I feel urine pressure all the time . I donot feel any pain but just urge to urinate . it passes without any problem but than again i feel pressure . What can be the problem & the solution ?
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The first possibility for a frequent urge of urination is urinary tract infection. Get your urine examination done and drink plenty of fluids.

It can be also be due to many other reasons which can be physiological or disease-related, and include excessive intake of liquids, diuretic substances (including tea, caffeine, alcohol, certain drugs), anxiety, exposure to cold, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus (central or nephrogenic), urinary tract infections or obstruction, etc to name a few more common ones. In males prostatitis can also cause such symptoms. I suggest you to take opinion of your doctor who would do a clinical examination and advice for needful tests (such as routine urinanalysis, blood glucose test, blood & urinary osmolalities, PSA levels, ultrasonography of renal system, etc).

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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it may be a urine infection or u may not be able to completely emty your  bladder see your  gp
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