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Urine slow stream

It all started on February 2022 when i received a oral sex from csw after 3-4 days of this realised i have a slight burning sensation around my urethra, then all of sudden my urine stream got slow after a month a got my ultrasound done it showed excess pvr i got done my uroflometry maximum flow 6.0 m/s
Average flow 2.9 m/s
Voiding time 3:01:6
Time to max flow 2:48:3
Voided vol 502.2 ml
Flow at 2 sec 2.1 ml/s
Acceleration 0.0 ml/s/s
Void 6/500/-
Residual vol 56 ml

My urine culture and urine routine examination all were normal my ultrasound showed excess pvr no enlarge prostate and in month of june i got done my rgu it showed no stricture but after my rgu in sep i started experiencing a shock like inside urethra deep inside, i can not masturbate i feel some semen ks left inside i can not ejaculate then back i got my rgu/mcu done again it showed no stricture doctor advised me alfo 10 mg for 3 months. Since also then urine flow has improved but when i stopped medicine i could hardly urinate i feel deep problem while urinating.
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So, you are under a doctor's care, which is the right thing here. A urologist should be able to keep helping you explore the cause for your sensation. I do want to point out that anxiety can play a role at times. We are nervous and feel EVERYTHING and things don't feel right. So, try to make sure that isn't impacting this. I would have thought stricture. But you say that has been ruled out? You don't state your age but uroflowmetry delines with age to 5.5 for men of 80 years old. Sounds like yours is prematurely in the range it is in for you? https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15537-urethral-stricture-in-men  The information on stricture is just to read. I'm so surprised they don't feel this is the case with you. The alfo worked for you? What about continuing it? What about inflammation levels? If you reduce inflammation with say something like ibuprofen, does this improve?
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I'm 23 i on alfo 10 mg another 3 months more. Though alfo has improved my stream but the day when i stop med( alfo) the very next day i am not able to pee its very difficult for me.  The doc want to do cystopanendoscopy i scared as it night worsen my condition or make me kind or cripple from my penis. I am very frustrated now
Ya, I can understand. I think you need the procedure though to solve what is going on. They will take good care of you. It's not an uncommon test. This link has info about the procedure. You may need to translate as it is in English. But it is a famous clinic in the states supplying the info. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/16553-cystoscopy You probably would get the flexible type and if you take ibuprofen after, should be fine. I think it is only natural to be really nervous about a procedure like that but think of it as catherization which is common. And it could net the info you need to treat this.
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