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I've never felt this before where I have to the urge to pee after I pee. I've gone to the bathroom at least ten times today and its all been becuase of the urge to pee. Everytime I go I only pee a little or nothing at all. I still have this urge to pee, I'm wondering if this is something serious or if it will go away on its own, do I need to see a doctor?
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You need to get your urine checked for infection.

"Urgency of Urination" is a clear sign of infection, at the very least.

Go get checked for infection (kidney infection, bladder infection, urinary tract infection, etc), and get them to put you on antibiotics.

If your urine comes back clean (no infection present), you need to get a referral to a urologist and get them to work you up.

Your GP should be able to tell you whether or not you have an infection.

Good luck.
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Your symptom is called polyuria (excessive frequency of voiding). It can be due to many reasons which can be physiological or disease-related, and include excessive intake of liquids, diuretic substances (including tea, caffeine, alcohol, certain drugs), anxiety, exposure to cold, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus (central or nephrogenic), urinary tract infections or obstruction, etc to name a few more common ones.

I suggest you to take opinion of your doctor who would do a clinical examination and advice for needful tests (such as routine urinanalysis, blood glucose test, blood & urinary osmolalities, ultrasonography of renal system, etc).

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.

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