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Varicocele or something more sinister?

So around 4 months ago I started getting a dull ache in my groin on the left side. Felt as if it was radiating from my testicle, and my left testicle was larger, so I went to a urologist. He did an ultrasound, a urine bacteria test, and a felt down there with his hands. He said he felt my epidydimis (sorry if i spelt it wrong) was a bit tender to touch and also found a very small direct inguinal hernia on my left side. He gave a me some antibiotics for the epidydimis and some Nsaid’s and painkillers for the hernia. He told me the hernia did not yet need surgery. Fast forward a few months the pain persisted and now it could be felt in my testicle, As my first urologist was not available i found another and went to him. This doctor didnt use the ultrasound and said he felt nothing out of the ordinary, and also told me about the hernia( without prior knowledge of my visit to the other urologist). However i was not satisfied with the lack of an ultrasound, so went to an expensive private hospital in my city, and booked an appointment with a urologist there. Told him my previous 2 visits, and what they found, and he used a doppler ultrasound, and told me i have a grade 1 varicocele on my left side. He told me to do a semen analysis test and that we would move forward from there. The results came back bad, and my parents told me to come back to my hometown and consult a very close family friend who is a urologist. Took my test results to him and he told me that the grade 1 varicocele should not be affecting my fertility at that rate and that it shouldn’t be causing the pain i describe. He said i should take another semen analysis test to be sure of the accuracy of the first test results. I read online that the
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side affected with the varicocele is usually smaller, but my left side is bigger. Could it be cancer? would the ultrasound be able to detect the cancer certainly?
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