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Varicocele reoccurance and Penis problem

Hi !

My problem is that my penis gets really hot after masturbation or even a long erection('especially" after a nights sleep).I also feel pain in my left testis


I got my left Varicocele repaired(Subinguinal Ligation) in 2003 and now the doctor is saying it has reoccured.

However,after ejaculation I didnt feel hot in my testicles.Although a slight pain in left testicle going through to the left leg.I observed it quiet well as before the surgery when ever I masturbated veins got really swollen and red and testicles starts hanging down the scrotum.But now even just after masturbation Scrotum remains contracted and small.

This raises my concern that it has not reappear after all and its just a pychological thing.

Should I go for another sugery or is that possible to get rid of this penis/testicle thing with any anti-inflamatory meds?I heard that many ex-varicocele repair patients take some kinda medicines simply to avoid another surgery.

1- Even if it has reoccured,if the only symptom is slight pain and not the hanging/temperature in scrotum,should I go for surgery again or are they any oral medicines to relieve the pain? I heard of a chinese herbal medicine Gui Zhi Fuling Wan which has been used even by Doctors in Japan.

2- one should go for surgery even if varicocele is in intial stagelike the first surgery I went into was due to the           Grade 4.Considering the only sign being slight pain.

3- Does hot penis after sex related to this varicocele thing?

I would like to appreciate the usefullness of this site.I have gone through a lot of replies.Thanks inadvance for you consideration.

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