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Vasectomy Autoimmune Response?

I had a vasectomy in July 07.   One month later, I started noticing pain in my right wrist; so much so in fact, that I can't put the weight of my body (push-ups) on it.  In October 07, all my joints began a dull ache.  Additionally, my left testicle seems to have a constant dull ache (what I suspect as a congested infected epididymidis).  

My question is this:  can I get a blood test to see if my body is fighting all the loose sperm in my body now; if so what is the test called?  If I reverse my vasectomy, and assuming my ailments have been caused by the vasectomy, is there any evidence that a vasectomy reversal would also reverse a prospective autoimmune response?
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Vasectomy causes an auto-immune reaction to sperm in many patients. Some believe ti can cause auto-immune issues in distant organs, joints, and the urogenital tract. Please see the Post-vasectomy pain support group accessible via my website: www.VasectomyPain.Org

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I have gone down hill after my vasectomy.  Not sure if it’s related but I have developed Ankylosis Spondylitis and no one in my family history has it or had had it that we can figure out.  I can’t afford to have it reversed as I have no pain I could prove from it.
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