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Vein (Dorsal)on penis gotten bigger?

I woke with morning glory, decided to masturbate. After I did and my penis had gone flaccid I noticed the vein atop my penis that starts at the base of the shaft (Closest to stomach) had somewhat gotten bigger? I had a vein there before that was prominent but not as prominent as it is now. I feel like it's gotten twice the size it was before. I left it for a bit and it was still the same.

I did a few searches on here, some people had somewhat similar problems? a lot of people suggested it was an engorged vein from masturbating too much? I masturbate quite a bit, twice a day, but had done three times the day before (I know)

When I have an erection the vein starts a little to the right from the middle, and stretches out longer to about quarter way of my penis and turns a little left at the end  but is still prominent.

When flaccid the vein starts a little left from the middle and turns left almost instantly, but overall it's more prominent and bunched? when flaccid?

There's no pain, soreness, discoloration or discomfort. I also haven't had a problem getting erections or peeing. It's just worrying me a bit. It's been two days since it happened, I've masturbated at least twice to see if that changed anything. From what I've read, maybe I've overdone it masturbating and somewhat damaged my self to make the vein go like that? If so, will it go back to normal if I stopped and if so, how long?
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