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Very Stiff and Hard Erections

   My erections are overly stiff and rigid, like 125% or more of a normal erection. Including when I achieve ejaculation it is rough and very tight.

  This started when I was 25 and some damage done to my penis. I use to practice affixation during sex and I had one instance while wearing a rubber ring around my penis where I ejaculated and felt a sharp pain, nothing came out. Ever since this happened I have stopped this type of activity. Now I still can ejaculate semen but it has never been the same as before the injury. It now feels like semen is being forced out vs normally coming out. I believe this has inhibited blood from properly flowing out. It has also caused reoccurring pain around my groin and waist line.

  A few years later (age 29) I am now having an issue where I keep waking up with an erection several times every night (usually 2-3 times and every few hours). I have to sit up in order for the erection to go away and it usually takes 5min but sometimes up to 30min (note – I cannot sleep through this, I’ve tried but it just does not work, it does not go away unless I sit up and this seems to cause palpation if I remain on my back)

  I am now 31 and these issues are still persistent. The sleep issue is my biggest concern, which has now been effecting me for the last 2 years. (I have not slept a full night since this started) Including this is causing more severe palpations and my heart to beat erratically unless I sleep on my stomach (not sure why that helps but it does)

  Best match for a condition I could find is Priapism which can be caused by trauma but usually it cause an errection that last 4hours or more.

  I have seen a urologist but they just gave me Trental which sometimes helps a bit but cause bad side affects like palpations and bad headaches.
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