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Vibration sensation

I have been experiencing a vibration sensation in my anus. Should I have this checked or will it go away?
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it will probably go away but you should get checked to find out what it is.
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hi  I have had the same sensation for the last 3 weeks..  I was wondering if you had any info on what is going on?
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This may be a nerve related symptom.

I just have a few questions:

What are the activities or events that surround the onset of your condition?

Have you been engaged in some activities or events lately that could have contributed to your symptom (eg new set of exercises)?

Any previous history of instrumentaton or surgery?

Any history of trauma or injury to the area?

Have you had frequent urinary tract infections?

Any problems with sexual function or response?

Do keep us posted with your answers.

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The only Med history I have had is High Iron.  They thought it was Hemochromotosis but found i didnt have the markers for that.  I have done Phlebotomys to lower the Iron.  I have had no other surgery or anything.  No problems with sexual response. No trauma..

I have been having headaches and my anxeity hase gone way up..  I have never been bothered by Anxeity and now it is high..  The vibrations feel almost like a gushing or buzzing while walking or when i tap my back or the chair im sitting in.  

Very wierd to say the least..  
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This is something I've experienced in both my anus and my penis.  Almost like it's in my prostate.

Dr. Vanessa, in case you read this, there are a TON of posts on the men's health forum under a subject called "buzzing penis".  The symptoms for all of these men range the gamut, but they all have one thing in common - a feeling almost like a cell phone on vibrate is going off somewhere in their penises or anuses, or between.  Very unusual to say the least.  We keep hearing it may have something to do with pudendal nerve entrapment, but we're looking for a doc's take on this.

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I guess Dr. Vanessa left us hanging!!
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I have now had, for about 2 weeks, the same exact sensation, a vibrating sensation that I could only describe as being in my ***. Very weird. I could feel it when walking down the street, or I could manipulate it by tapping at the base of my back, or even on the area between my penis and anus. I thought, "this is just one of these weird things the body sometimes does", but it is not going away.

I have been getting more nervous about it, because I've started to also notice that my testicles feel slightly numb as well, and I'm feeling like this must be connected.

Today, I decided to do some self examination, as awful as it may seem, and it's hard with a mirror in the bathroom and having to get into a position where I could see my anus. Sorry if this is graphic, but I need to try and explain this.... Anyway, I noticed at the edge of the anus, kind of half in, half out, a small red 'thing'. I can only describe it as that it looks like a woman's clitoris. It's on the anus at the part closest to my scrotum, so the front side, not the back side. When I gently touched it, it made the vibrating sensation. Just to be sure, I would continue to touch it, very gently, and at intervals and rhythms that I could be sure would correspond with the vibrating, and it largely did.

So, this is why I think this thing may be related. I don't know if it is a hemoroid, or what. I have never examined my anus before, so I don't know if this is just a part of it, and I didn't know, or what?

Needless to say, it's a really embarrassing thing to ask the doctor about, but I realize that I could be dealing with something serious, and I had better go. I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before....

Hello I'm facing the same exact issue. Can you contact me please? alex.***@**** My name is Alex. It's been years that you've post this. I hope you've managed to overcome this
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I have been experiencing this vibration from my anus for 5 days now. I don't understand why this is happening. I am on medication for hyperthyroidism and I don't know if it has anything to do with that.
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i have had this same sensation about a year and half ago, and i went to two doctors that looked at me like i was out of my mind or on drugs. they both had never heard of such a thing and my normal physician said that i didn't need a rectum check and they both were able to look at the area of my scrotum( which is where i get the sensation from) and around my anal and were like ... are you sure it's not in your head? NO ! i replied. My balls ! well i did go away until just recently I've been under a lot of stress and it returned. could this be stress related. or some kind of urinary infection.
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OMG! I never would 've dream I would come across so many people who describe the same feelings I have been having in my anus ..groin or inner bowel area!! It can be described as a gushing, pulsing, throbbing..cell phone vibration in my pocket...like sitting on a motor..my heart is beating in my ***..a cat is purring in my lap...and STILL no definitive responses from anyone in the medical field!!!!  Let me add my medical background: Had bleeding hemorrhoids.two years back...surgically banded.. Recently had bleeding after evacuation...this is when i noticed the vibrating sensation..and at the time it was very powerful..scared out of my mind..was afraid to go to sleep! I have since felt it off and on but it was less intense then originally. I believed at the time that maybe a hemorrhoid was pulsating due to being engourged with blood, sort of like when you stop the blood flow to a body part and then it rushes back in.
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J'ai 26 ans, j'ai le meme soucis, vibration niveau a*** de temps en temps, surtout quand je suis assise, je ne sais pas pourquoi, enfaite c'est comme des micro vibration, quand je suis assise, coucher, des fois debout, et des fois rien, je ne comprends pas.
Aidez moi svp.

Avez vous des idées de se que sa peut etre?
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Why can't we get an answer for this. It is very disconcerting. I did have a large hemorrhoid about a year ago.

The only other thing I've noticed unusual, a few months back I was having a creamy taste in my mouth, inexplicably. I could be sitting watching television and suddenly taste like I just drank milk.

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