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Was I misdiagnosed with PID and really have kidney stones?

Was I misdiagnosed? Did I pass a kidney stone? I have been having symptoms that originally were thought by my Dr. to be UTI. All 3 urine tests showing all the signs of infection (white blood cells) yet the culture showed no bacterial growth. Doctor continued on trying to figure it out and told me in the meantime to make appointment with my gyno, since I have had a history of issue in that area(Previous abnormal pap, LEEP procedure, Secondary amenorrhea). After a couple days of worsening symptoms I began to get severe pelvic pain so I went to the ER. They discharged me with lower UTI (which I told them it was already proven wasn't) and Pelvic inflammatory Disease. Sent me home with an Rx for 14 days of Doxycycline. I know what causes PID and I do not have the risk factors. I have not had sex in a year and before that only with 1 person for the last 12 years. After a couple days of severe on and off pelvic pain and alot of blood clots in my urine, I had a very bad bout of pain then a huge clot after which the clots were gone and my urine was dark pink instead of yellow with red clots. Now it is normal looking again. The pain and burning with urination was less and less and now is almost completely gone. I think it was a kidney stone the entire time. I fell 80% better than I did and I am only on day 4 of 14 of the antibiotics.
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