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Weird Condition

My mystery Cyst/Bulge, very mild pain(around the right Testicle).

Anyway, I ejaculated couple of times to check the semen ,that looks normal too.

Did a Transillumination test and light traveled through it.... producing a brilliant Chinese lantern effect in my scrotum (that's effectively knocked off the chances of tumors/Cancerous tissue growth)

Went to a doctor here in Germany. With non existent German skills, and doctor's limited english skills he explained there is nothing showing up on the  ultrasound so I am good.

I asked him again, what makes up this huge lump. He provides me with no answers and just keep pointing to ultrasound images.

(Image is graphical in nature)

Can anyone understand the nature of this lump. It is definitely not something that shows up on ultrasound (so not spermatocele or Hydrocele or any other cyst)

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Is there anyone that can go with you to help translate? Is it soft or hard to the touch? Can you move it around? (I mean, try that gently, don't try to force it.) Does it feel like there is something they could drain or maybe biopsy to test it?

What about using a translator app? It's not the best, but it's better than nothing.
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No one to help me with translation. I live with students who are foreigners aswell.

I can squish it, no pain particularly.(a very small continuous pain that's it)
It won't move around.

I have been searching all over the internet. What kind of lump could it be, that won't show up on Ultrasound.

It was really cold today(I mean snowy - freezing cold). That thing somehow is impossible to see (visually)when testicles are too much contracted(because of cold).
Is there anyone you could hire as a translator? Does your school offer them? Is there some kind of local internet message board for services offered, like Craigslist or NextDoor here in the US that you could check?

I am honestly stumped at what it could be that wouldn't show on an ultrasound. You should be able to see even a cyst on an ultrasound, or a solid mass, etc.

So spermatoceles can freely move, so it's not likely to be that, as you already know. Testicular cancer lumps can either move or be immovable, so that's not helpful. It could be a lipoma -


https://www.cancer.ca/en/cancer-information/cancer-type/testicular/testicular-cancer/non-cancerous-tumours/?region=on - this also lists some other possibilities.

What kind of doctor did you see? You should see a urologist next if you didn't already see one. And find one that speaks English, or hire an interpreter. Let us know what happens.

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