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Wetting myself during coughing

  I am being treated for GERD which causes me to have a horrible cough. I have paroxysmal coughs that cause me to wet myself, so I wear serenity pads which are very expensive when you have to change them a half dozen times a day. I went to a business meeting the other day and coughed so hard, I wet the chair....talk about embarassed!! I even wear Eckerd's larger flat pads underneath the Serenity when I'm going to be away from home for any length of time. But nothing gives me any confidence. I have bought depends twice, but I can't get them around me comfortably. What can you suggest to help me? Thanks!!

Many women suffer from stress urinary incontinence.When there are other factors that predispose a person to coughing and straining excessively such as GERD, asthma, or COPD (chronic obstructive lung disease), the leakage may be severe. Stress urinary incontinence is caused by  a laxity of the musculature of the pelvic floor. Predisposing factors include, bearing multiple children, estrogen loss with age and obesity.
There are several thing you can do to help with leakage. Avoid caffeine because it makes the bladder even more irritable and therefore exacerbates the condition. Void on a schedule. This means urinate every three hours  by the clock whether you have the urge to urinate or not. This helps to keep the bladder empty leaving less in your bladder to leak at any given time.Restrict fluids.
Your condition sounds serious. You need not suffer with this condition. If the conservative measures I
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