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What are possiblr symptoms of stones

please help is ut possible to have a stone and not have the renal ultrasound pick it up
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If it's too small and/or if it's uric acid .. I do believe uric acid stones are transparent ?

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Yes, it is very much possible to have stone in the urinary tract and the ultrasound fails to pick it up. The commonest reason is the presence of the stone in the ureter (tube which brings the urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder). This is because there’re lots of gaseous shadows of the intestines and the ultrasonic waves are not able to pass through these gases.
A better test to pick up such stones is either Intravenous urography or a CT scan.
I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Warm Regards
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I have MSK and work with many who do which basically means that many of us
have kidneys full of stones.  I have lost count of the number of us who have
had stones in the ureter pass, right after an IVP, KUB or even CT scan to find a stone.
In my own case I had an IVP on a Thurs. and passed a 4mm stone on Mon. I have been told that testing in only about 75% accurate.  Then we see people pass small blood clots or in my case a piece of cellular material that we assume is part of my biofilm infection.  Either way it won't show on the test but it shows in the pain levels LOL>

The big reason for testing is to make sure that the kidney is not being obstructed for a long period of time which can cause kidney damage.  The ultrasound should have at least told them if the kidney was enlarged.  If not at least you can wait a little longer
to let it pass.

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thanks so much , now that you mentioned this i did pass a blood clot (kinda small) like 6 days after i had the renal ultrasound.  I was wondering if this may have bin a stone. i guess maybe it was a stone. Please write me back thanks
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