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What causes Bilateral Multiple Kidney stones?

Million dollar question - what causes bilateral multiple kidney stones?  They keep forming - keep colicing but not passing.  Do you go see a urologist, a nephrologist or an endocrinologist?  Only had one incident 6 years ago - hyperparathroidism - single adenoma removed, single large stone  w/ infection, blocked - had to be removed and scoped out - could not pass even after blasting and stenting.  Largest seen stone is 4 mm so far - progressed to 4 in each kidney within 6 months from 2 and 1, respectively. Last CT scan 4 weeks ago showed hydro - IVP 2 weeks ago showed nothing. Current urologist no help - so what should be my next step?
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There are many things that can cause bilateral kidney stones.  A urologist is the one who treats stones.  Have they done any 24 hour urines to see why you might be making stones?  This is the first step to them treating metabolic issues that could cause you to make stones.

Also what kind of stones do you make, have the tested them?

If you uro has not done any of these, check out any university hospital near you for one' who specializes in stone disease.  Honestly the above is standard treatment.  Then once they know what causes, they have medications that can prevent stone formation!

Several of us have Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease, this would have shown up on your IVP, we make stones within the collecting ducts of our kidneys.  I know I have 100's and the colllecting ducts actually fill with plaque.  This is something your born with, and so I had it for years, before my URO told me I had it.  However i ask for a copy of my IVP report and the radiologist had labeled it.I would encourage you to get copies of your test and reports,it will save you a lot with any new doctor too!

Below is the link to the MSK community on here, not sure if that is what you have going on, but just in case and there are some article and info. on the Health Pages as well!

Good Luck!


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