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What causes redness around meatus?

I came back from Florida realized the tip of my penis was very sensitive, felt weird and pleasurable while I was sitting in my car but didnt pay much mind.  That same day I had protected sex, and kept it going.  About a week later, it started to burn after I urinated, went to my doctor, had 10 panel test, all came back negative besides the cold sore type of herpes.  She told me to apply vaseline that it looked like it could be a cut.  2 days later the burning feeling went away and I believed I was in the clear but it seemed to stay red.  About 2 weeks after, it started to burn after I urinated again and the whole penis head was red, look like streaks of red.  Doctor told me it was a yeast infection and gave me a pill. The redness around the whole head went away but the red around the meatus was still present and the skin where it is red looks different from the rest of the skin.  I went to the urologist and he said everything looked healthy,  at that point I was starting to feel better but not 100 percent he gave me an anti fungal cream to use if it didn't get better.   It looked like it was  getting better but then it started burning and turning red again.  The lips on the meatus from my memory only were swollen once. I've been using the cream because it started to burn again after I used the bathroom. The burning after I urinated went away, now my only symptoms are redness around the meatus and drips of urine after I am done urinating. The redness looked like it was going away and everything felt better but now its coming back again.  I dont really feel pain when I urinate, I'll randomly get a small itch where it is red but nothing enough for me to itch it.  What can it be?
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Also no discharge at all.  Both doctors said it is not an STD.  Could it be mycoplasma genitalium?
And the redness isnt always as red sometimes it goes away
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