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What could be the answer to this nightmare?

Had unprotected sex on 4/14/21 6 days later started having abdominal pain and frequent urination, upset stomach/diarrhea and muscle aches two weeks after. Had urine tests std/hiv screening at 4-5 weeks post incident and everything clear.
Been given doxycycline for 7 days, tried azithromycin and a shot.
Was on Bactrim for 2 weeks and no help but bad side effects.
Had cystoscopy and everything normal.
Now at 8 weeks post incident, got in touch with female had intercourses with she told me she had bacterial infection and std screening came back clear.
Just started ciprofloxacin 3 days ago for one month length.
If this does not work idk what to do!!
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How did you do??
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