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What could it be?

Thank you to all who are taking time and supporting this platform by answering peoples queries.

I've some undiagonosed issues which started from penis and pelvic area and then symptoms got extended to stomach and throat.

I got urine culture and STI urine tests but all came negative. I also got a penis ultrasound done and there were no structural issues found.

On one occasion, when I was masturbating, I heard a sound like a crack/vein stretch and I noticed little blood on tip of my pennis and bleeding stopped after I left it.

Here are my symptoms for last 7 weeks now:

My pennis seems to be little sore. Sometimes I feel burning in area around the pennis, including testicles + groin area + inner thies
and an uncomfortable feeling when it touches the underwear,

More frequent urge to urinate,

I’m facing infrequent burning after I ejaculate (but not always),

I noticed a strong smell in urine for few days which has now gone away as I drink and pee a lot more,

Noticed more yellow urine than before but the water intake has not changed,

Noticed watery discharge at times,

This got extended after a few days, to:

Ichy Eyes,

Sore throat,

I also coughed minor blood in phlegm for a few days,


Noticing stomach burning & uncomfort too.


1. What could this be? Plesse share your thoughts or suggestions.

2. Cam smegma cause this (I'm uncircumcised)?

3. Is there a UTI or STI that can also cause pnemonia?

Thank you!
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Hmmm... well, there’s a lot going on there, not sure if they’re all related or not. I would say some  of the genital area issues sound like Prostatitis to me. I’ve had it before, and symptoms can be itching/burning when urinating, some burning or discomfort after ejaculation, and general discomfort in the testicles & perineum, which can make it very uncomfortable to sit. Even the entire groin area can become uncomfortable. Sometimes Prostatitis can affect your overall feeling as well, like having a fever & feeling flu-ish or run-down & possibly even some stomach issues.

It could be that you just happen to have more than one thing going on - in addition to Prostatitis (if that’s indeed what it is), you could have a low-grade virus, maybe brought on by a weakened immune system from the other issue.

Obviously, the  #1 bit of advice most ppl would give is to see your reg Dr. He or she would want to check your prostate, prbly run some blood & urine tests, etc. Even tho you already had a urinalysis, they may not have been looking for certain specific organisms that could cause these symptoms, so it’s worth getting tested again. I’m sure blood tests & other exam findings could indicate whether you have a separate issue related to cough, etc. Coughing up blood is a little concerning - definitely see your Dr.

Please check back in later & let us know what’s found - we can all learn from your experience....
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Hi, some recent updates -

I just got some blood tests done and results were fine. I also got Prostate examined and that is also looking okay.

Now, there are a couple of things to find out and I will appreciate any thoughts:

1. Why it feels little uncomfortable when I masturbate or after ejaculation. The tip and foreskin has some white dry skin. I am attaching a link if someone can relate it to something. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tX5G-0ckKGig5xC8tEaEcm-Ik2w3bhht/view?usp=sharing

2. The semen has a greenish tint but it's not completely green. Here is a link.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/10rtXWWNAN6wwyyI_lEiTYvYogZd0Nq2l/view?usp=sharing

I will appreciate any thoughts on this that can help diagnose the cause.

Thank you!
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