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What does a stent feel like for kidney stones?

Five days ago, I had lithroscopy procedure for kidney stones on my right side.  I had great pain for the next four days. I was taking oxycodine 325mg (2) every three to four hours straight for 3 days. My doctor had me come in for another CT scan which showed that the stones were still to big to pass through an area in the ureter. I was also running a low grade fever and signs of an infection.  I am on antibiotics and pain meds. The doctor inserted a stent on Friday.  I was told to expect light bleeding and a little discomfort and stinging. Which i do. But, I am not able to distinguish the difference in the discomfort of urinating and hard to urinate. It is now Saturday and I still feel the discomfort and stinging but my question is: How long should I feel this way?  Is it for a couple of days or the duration of the stent, or what?  What should I look for if something is not right? I can feel something in me. Is that normal? And I was also told that the stent was a little difficult to inserve because I has a real narrow space in the ureter that could still not allow the stent to work.  I do not see my doctor for another ten days.  I like my doctor because he shows me diagrams and explain procedures to me.  But I always think of other questions later.  I don't want to bug him unless I have to.

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I had a stent removed after three weeks.I was totally unprepared for the three weeks of misery while this stent was in place.Pain,unable to walk far,blood in urine and the terrable stinging when passing urine.

Had it out last Tuesday and instantly felt better.

I think the answer to the stinging is water water water,have that bottle or jug in front of you all the time and keep on drink,The more I drank the less of a stinging sensation I got.3 litres a day I reckon is a must.

To those scared of the removal of the stent,don't be.A few moments of discomfort(not pain) and it is over.I watched my removal on a screen.Very brave of me even though I say so myself.Breathe deep and steady and you are walking out the door in no time.Good luck to you all.
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Yes the stents can be very painful for some (which I have found myself), and thay say some may not feel them or just a mild discomfort. Feel better. Cara
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I had stents in both of my kidneys for a couple of months before having surgery to have one removed. I was uncomfortable the entire time I had the stents in. It felt like I had to pee all the time, but couldn't go (kinda like when you have a bladder infection). That was the only problem I had with mine though. I don't know if I bled or not because of the stents because my urine was always bloody anyway. It was so bloody, it looked like cranberry juice! I, too had too big of stones to pass and I had 17 in one kidney (the one they removed). My other kidney was only functioning at 50% and the Dr mentioned "transplant" but nothing ever came of it luckily. I had to have the stones blasted (twice) so they could pass. I was in the hospital for 10 days for all that. That was 6 years ago and I hope I never have to go through that again! I was in the hospital so many times with kidney problems, the Dr. had to put an IV in my neck because all my veins we so weak from all the IV's. They poked and prodded me constantly it seemed. I haven't had any problems since though. I pass a kidney stone from time to time, but I haven't had one yet that hurt *crosses fingers*
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