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What happens to a dead testicle if left in scrotum

Left testicle is injured and may be dying. I don't want the surgery to remove.
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Not sure what you mean.  If your testicle is dying, there has to be a reason, and if that reason is you have cancer in it, for example, you would have to get it removed to prevent it from spreading.  I'm not sure though that injury causes a testicle to "die."  In any case, this is a decision to discuss with a doctor.
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Testicle suffered ischemia and there is a large dead area, it may survive because there is decent blood flow around the infarcted area. Just looking for guys that left dead testicle in scrotum.
Is there a reason to not remove it?

If it's how it will look, you can get an implant.

Thank you for the response. I'm worried about removal surgery. Ive read many blogs where guys left it in and shrank down to pea size.
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