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What have I done to my penis? Can a penis pump permanently damage your penis?

I was using a penis pump for roughly a year, no bad side effects. Sometimes I would twist the pump, but not often and not for the whole session, because my penis has a slight curve to the left. So when I would twist the pump, it would make my penis look like it was straight going up into the tube. So one day I did this and afterwards, my penis was a lot thicker. Like really thick. This lasted for like 3-4 days and I was having normal erections. But the next week, my penis seemed to be shriveled and unable to get erections. I wouldn’t even have morning erections and I began to have diarrhea that was black and tar in appearance. My scrotums would stay tight and restricted up close my penis instead of sagging and hanging freely. I went to the hospital and they said everything seemed normal but maybe I had a GI bug or an ulcer. My calcium levels were high and monocyte count as well. Maybe 2 months after, my penis began to get erect again. Erect enough time have sex but not fully erect like before. And my penis doesn’t hang like it use to in its flaccid state. It has started to hang a little more but nothing like it was. Could I have possibly damaged a nerve or something in my penis? The curve to the left seems to have increased but not by a lot. I’ve been going crazy looking up things, I just want my penis back.
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It doesn’t seem like what you did would cause any permanent damage. If it was a little swollen & you let it heal a bit, things shd be OK. I agree w/ the diagnosis re: the diarrhea, etc., prbly had nothing to do with pumping. I guess my best advice would be to see a Urologist - this is their area of expertise & they can give much more specific advice than a reg Dr. The bend is prbly a mild case of Peyronie’s disease, it often does get worse over time. There are now some treatments that may be able to reverse that. Good luck!
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