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What is causing my ED?

Good day,
6 years ago I've accidentally injured my penis while masturbating. According to my memory there was no swelling nor pain but I lost my erection. I remember I waited a couple of days and my penis went back to normal function as if nothing happend however some time after I noticed a slight downward curvature....the curvature is small and it doesn't bother me what bothers me that now I'm having some sort of ED where it's more difficult for me to get an erection and maintain it without constant stimulation...I've noticed that I have a slight dent in my right corpus cavernosum that can only be felt when erect...no lumps or anything when flaccid. I've been to 2 urologists and both performed physical exams and venous leakage checks and they say everything is normal and it's all psychological...what is it?
I hope it's not permanent.
Your opinion is appreciated!
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