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What is the pain in my penis tip?

I received oral sex from my girlfriend for a month, and she uses her teeth. Every time she gave me oral sex I would feel the teeth, but sometimes I wouldn't feel them that much so I ultimately just let it slide. After a month of receiving the oral sex my penis tip started to hurt quite a bit (this make sense since she would only perform oral sex on the tip). I have done urine tests and I have no STI's or shown UTI's. Just to be safe, I took 2 courses of antibiotics for prostate and urinary tract infections (I have been believed to have minor prostatitis since I was 19, now 22). The antibiotics didn't really help, I thought they were at times but it hasn't gone away. It wont necessarily hurt when I pee, but when the pee is done it hurts more than it did before I would pee. I was peeing more frequently at first but that stopped with the antibiotics, maybe coincidentally. That being said, there is pain in my penis tip whether I am peeing or not. My doctor also said the inside of my penis tip looked a tiny bit red, but that could be a coincidence. So, if it's not a UTI, STI, or prostate issue, what could it be? Would it be urethritis from the trauma her teeth caused? Would it be physical damage to the penis tip that needs time to heal? And if it is related to that, wouldn't it be resolved within 5 weeks? I don't think it would be cancer because it happened at the same time my girlfriend started to try and give me oral sex. I am just very alarmed and losing hope because I have work and school to go to and I can barely bare a day sometime just knowing that this has not been taken care of and its been 5 weeks. It makes me so upset and I see no point in continuing my regular routine, I've seen stories of this stuff never going away so I am really hopeless. I guess the next step is blood testing, but I feel like nothing will show in the blood, and I would very much like to stay away from cystoscopy or anything involving putting something down my penis until I know its my only resort. Please help!!
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