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What is wrong with my bladder

Hi there, for almost a year now I’ve had very frequent urination, I’m as given antibiotics as they found traces of blood in my urine, didn’t work, I was sent for an ultrasound of my kidneys, came back clean, it feels like there’s a pain in my
Bladder whenever I kind of eject my urine and I Urinate more than 15 times a day, recently I’ve been experience some issues that I believe are haemmaroids however anusol isn’t doing the trick and the blood is becoming more frequent, doctors haven’t a clue what’s wrong please help
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Have you had your prostate checked? And do the doctors continue to test your urine for bacteria?
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I’ve not yet had my postage checked is that something you’d recommend? And I’ve had it tested about 5 times this year but as I’m a student I often get passed to the side
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