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What might be causing weak ejaculation force for 37 year old?

Hello All,

I am a healthy and active 37 year old male, though a small amount overweight (6'2", 245lbs, athletic build). About 5+ years ago at age 32, I began to notice the force of my ejaculations dropped off substantially over the course of several months. I used to be able to shoot several feet in distance, but now I am lucky to clear 6 inches. Although this was disappointing, I chalked it up to normal aging. Since then, I have begun to notice more symptoms in addition to the weak ejaculations, including:
- My semen consistency is thicker than before, regardless of my hydration level. It's not super thick or sticky, but is thicker than it used to be. My ejaculations are almost all white, where they used to be a mix of white and clear fluid.
- I occasionally experience what feels like some retrograde ejaculation. This is hard to describe, but although semen is still coming out, it feels as though some is also being pumped internally. My urine is never cloudy after ejaculation, however.
- The volume of my ejaculations seems only 2/3 to 3/4 what it used to be.
- I sometimes have to get up to urinate in the middle of the night, when I never had to before.
- On occasion, my urgency to urinate is stronger than ever before. I occasional experience a more sudden need to urinate that strikes me fairly quickly. No bladder control issues, however.

I literally just came from seeing a urologist this morning, and he basically just blew off all these symptoms as normal for my age. When asked about possible prostatitis or enlarged prostate, he said that I would feel some physical discomfort if that were the case and didn't think it was necessary to physically check my prostate. In retrospect, I wish I had insisted, but it's kind of difficult to tell a man with advanced degrees, "No I insist you put a finger up my butt." That's something it wasn't hard to talk me out of in the moment.

Other possibly related information:
- My urinalysis today came back normal.
- No STD's ever.
- Occasional social drinker, no drugs, no smoking of any kind.
- No major changes to my diet or lifestyle. No weight gain.
- I am experiencing some minor depression after a very difficult year, however the ejaculation issue predates this rough patch.
- No issues achieving or maintaining an erection.
- No pain or discomfort during sex or ejaculation.
- Semen is occasionally tinged a yellow color, but not regularly.
- Married and sexually active. Sometimes I wonder if being with only one woman sexually for 13+ years creates a lack of extremely strong sexual arousal, and therefore could contribute to not shooting far anymore? My wife and I have a great relationship, but it's hard to feel that teenage-like spark of animal arousal at this stage. I find porn pretty boring at my age after years of looking.
- I first noticed the decline in ejaculatory force when I was commuting to work 8+ miles a day on a bicycle. No accidents or trauma to my genitals, but I wonder if the bicycle seat could have possibly caused nerve damage or a urethral stricture?

I don't think my health insurance provides the option for a second opinion from another urologist, so I'm hoping to glean any possible information here. It sure would be nice to ejaculate with force again, if only for the health of my sex life and feeling powerful in that way. Of course I'd like to eliminate the possibility of a more serious health or prostate issue as well. Thanks in advance for any ideas or opinions!
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