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What should i expect after loosing an testicle?.

I wonder sex life, libido and orgasm sensetions after surgery. Does remaining testicle start to cause pain since it has to enlarge?. Does any body feel phantom pain etc... How is the ejaculations after surgery.?
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why did you have the testicle removed, just curious.  In most cases, you will make more than enough hormones and sperm to sustain a normal life with the one testicle you have left. Most guys get along just fine with one testicle so I would not worry.  Did you get any information from your doctor after the surgery?  It should confirm what I am writing to you.
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Agree w/ GR - when one testicle is lost for whatever reason, the remaining one will pick up the slack & there’s usually very little difference in T-levels, quantity or quality of sperm. I’ve heard that often when one needs to be removed, the surgeon will insert an artificial testicle in its place so the guy still looks ‘nornal’, appearing as if he has 2. Hopefully that was done in your case...
Years back a friend had a testicle removed but they wouldn't insert a prosthetic replacement because they hadn't been approved in the U.S.  You could get one for your dog (!) but not yourself.  Hopefully that's changed these days.
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