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Whats wrong with me? Kidney Infection? Bladder Infection?

For a while i urinated differently, it was hard to strat the urine stream, and it would hurt the odd time. About 2 weeks ago, I had a sudden sharp pain in my right kidney, it hurts now to touch it, I also had an odd taste in my mouth, I looked at it and those were symptoms of a bladder/kidney infection. So I went to the clinic, and they did a urine sample, and Im calling my doctor tomorrow about my results. Would having an infection for so long make me feel crummy, because for like the whole summer I felt very lazy and sore, didnt feel myself and had a sore throat, and pretty much just not my active self? Would this be associated with a bladder/kidney infection. Thanks a million. :)
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These symptoms are suggestive of either infection or presence of a stone and will suggest getting an ultrasound done. I’ll also suggest drinking plenty of fluids. Plenty of fluids help both in the case of infection as well as the stones. The infection can be confirmed by a urine examination & culture. The treatment depends upon the underlying diagnosis. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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I had an ultra sound done, my doctor is very unrelyable, and said He would get back to me with the results and never has yet, he's too busy, would you strongly suggest that this is why I have been feeling so crummy the past little while? Also, My joints are sore, my mouth still has a bad taste in it, my urine goes in weird directions, it's hard to start the urine stream. Could a bladder/ kidney infection be responsible for all of this? Thank you.
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So my results came back and there was nothing, but I know that here is something wrong with me, I cant just urinate differently all the time, have a bad taste in my mouth, and feel crummy and sore all the time for no reason, What do you think I should do? Do you think this could be prostatis, if so; could you define to me what exactly that is and the causes of it. Thanks again.
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This sounds quite familiar, on and off my joints are very painful and about the same time I retain water, have to urinate frequently, it becomes cloudy, I have flank pain (along my sides where the kidneys are located--a clenching feeling), my low low back hurts and I have that rotten metallic oily taste in my mouth.  I feel generally ill with a low grade fever and chills and my muscles ache.  My Dr (as well as the Dr you were speaking with here) also feels that it's ok to leave people hanging and isn't very diligent about pursuing possible causes.  I do all the legwork and I know I'm not imagining it.  All the symptoms are consistent with bladder/kidney infection and he has yet to suggest that as the cause or run tests so I will just trek on over to the med center in the morning.  As a note, I'd like to add that I'm 44 years old and was diagnosed with a kidney illness called IgA nephropathy  when I was 18 and see a nephrologist once a year, however, to see him I must schedule about 6-8 months in advance so I just need to see my GP for this and you'd really think he'd take my health a bit more seriously but really, I find there just aren't many quality Drs out there these days who give a **** (aside from my most excellent nephrologist--who is extremely busy).
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