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White Skin Inside Urethra with pain

Hey there, two months ago I made the worst decision of my life. I had vaginal protected sex with a stripper. It didn’t last long, but afterward she took the condoms off and gave me a handjob with saliva. I hate myself for letting all this happen, but what’s done is done.

About a day later I noticed stinging and burning when I would pee, which frightened me. Then about a week later, my penis head started to get inflammed, red, and sore to the touch. Walking hurt as it would rub on clothing and cause pain. Most of the pain associated with peeing went away though. So I went to an STD clinic, they tested for everything but herpes and it all came back negative. They said just give it some time and it would get better. It hasn’t.

26 days after the terrible choice I made with that stripper, I went to see my primary care doctor. We tested for all STDs again, even herpes this time, and they all came back negative. Symptoms are still red inflammed penis head, over sensitivity, and pain in and around urethra opening. She said it was probably a yeast infection, so she gave me one pill of fluconazole 150 mg.

Two days after taking that, I noticed the skin started to dry up, flake off and heal up under the head of my penis, but the redness and inflammation on the head—the over sensitivity and pain in the tip of my urethra didn’t improve. This time I looked inside with a flashlight to find that part of the skin in my urethra was a white pale color, which freaked me out so much. I went back to my primary care doctor and she gave me a week of fluconazole 150 mg, and gave me 10 days of the off brand anti biotic called Bactrim DS. Still no improvement :(

At about day 50, I went to see a urologist who really acted like my symptoms were nothing, even though they are destroying my life right now. He looked inside and looked at the head of my penis and said it was probably a yeast infection that cleared up and now I’m just left with over sensitive nerves. He said to apply some unscientific lotion and see him in two months. He said time will heal it. Well it’s not getting better at all and is causing me extreme distress and depression. I feel like something else is wrong. He didn’t even notice the white skin in the urethra. Is that normal? I’m so scared that this is something really bad. Please shed some light on this. I can’t sleep at all.

What does the inside of the urethra at the tip usually look like? I imagine that there’s no white skin in there & that it should be just pink.
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I have the same problem for many years already. White irritated skin inside the urethra. Burning and scratching feeling. Nobody could help me or tell me what it is. What is your next step?
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Hello, you are not alone. Many have had the same thing as of yours.  This mystery disease is not the first and not the last.  If you examine or googlesearch, Im pretty sure you can find it here or other forums about men having irritated meatus aka peehole

All test will be negative and usually the head will be very sensitive to friction.  

I am very sure that this issue is likely due to viral infection - most likely HPV.  There are over 100 types of HPV identified, and even if you do HPV test, they only screen the most common type of HPV and you will miss all other exotic HPVs.

It is safe to say that most men/women who have had sexual contact, at least 3 different person, are likely to be infected with HPV.  

However, having it with a stripper is an exception, as that is high risk person and more than likely 1 contact is enough to get a bunch of HPVs

There is an accidental finding recently in the news --- the antibiotic neomycin is actually usually used for bacterial infection.  It is recently discovered that neomycin is in fact.. ANTIVIRAL.  

There is a possibility that it might even compete with Aldara or Zovirax creams.  

Aldara can come with horrendous side effects.  

Google neomycin and antiviral

The scientist discovered that neomycin can stimulate your immune system to produce a response that can attack herpes viral infection.  They also noted that neomycin has antiviral effect on flu and Zika viruses! Can you beat that?

Neomycin (oral) is toxic as it can poison your kidney and cause irreversible deafness ie it causes the some ear cells to be poisoned

However, the topical cream, is widely used, and to my knowledge, the absorption rate is very low and had proven to be very safe.  Denuded skin may absorb some %, but I think it is very small amt that one need not worry much.

What you can do is to apply the cream liberally on your genital areas and upper thigh. This could cover wide enough area to stimulate your immune system to produce enough interferons (the molecule yr body produce to naturally fight viral infection).

I have tried using it in my urethra with no adverse issue .. used 1 mL syringe (without needle)

After having the issue for like nearly 3 yrs .. it only get to very mild on the 3rd yr.  

After I used the cream, the mild irritation (which only occasionally come) is now COMPLETELY GONE.  

Although there is no proof that neomycin can fight HPV or my condition is likely related to HPV, I am certain that neomycin accidental discovery is going to be a big thing soon.  Ppl might not need to buy expensive Zovirax or Aldara anymore.

I am pretty sure though it was HPV (s) and the cream antiviral action nailed the issue

Please buy topical formulation of neomycin cream  containing ONLY neomycin.  There are various flavours of neomycin cream - some mixed with antifungal, some with STEROID which is a very bad thing if you have viral infection, it suppressed your immune system!

Usually the neomycin cream will have preservative which could be methyl paraben or chlorocresol or etc preservative and this is Ok i think.  Mine was 0.5% neomycin sulphate cream, using chlorocresol as preservative

Can also PM me if anything and take care

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