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White flakes in urine

I found the below thread which is closed to posting, so I copied and pasted; I ran a google search of the entire web and only found this hit; I left the hospital emergency room yesterday after being discharged and the Dr. telling me nothing is wrong with me and probable $700 bill to pay. They ran all sorts of blood and urine testing, and gave me a prescription for Vicodin for pain. My symptoms are as below; mass amounts of White half moon shaped flakes in urine, test for uti-neg. They x-rayed lower; showing nothing, I could not have them do a CT, I can't afford it. I have severe rt.FLANK pains, low grade fever daily, and many attacks which appear to gall bladder, but no pain as you press into that area. I am totally disgusted with the hospital, they treated me like it was in my mind, said my urine was CLEAR, a total idiot could look at and see something was wrong with the naked eye, cloudy, couldn't even see through the container; with mass amounts of white flakes. WHAT are they missing here, if I have this and other people have it, it has to be a diagnoseable disease and sounding common. Why isn't there more on the books about this! I had 2 kidney stones about 5 years ago, no problems since and this has been going on for about 6 months now. My insurance was not enstated; but paid for and waiting for activation; I think I received bad treatment because of lack of Insurance.
Please let me know if you have other questions of this nature and any diagnosis?

Copied closed thread of another question asker:
I have had white flakes in my urine for 4 months with low back pain. i have had mri's and a ct and everything comes back fine. i have no back problems but this pain in my lower back and front pelvic area. when i mention this to my dr they order urine test's but everything tends to be normal as well except i have had a couple of uti's. i haven't had one in a couple months but the white flakes are still there each time i urinate. the doctor has sent my urine for cytology as well and it came back normal. i'm very puzzled about this so i figured i would see if you had any answers for me or what i could do to determine what this could possibly be. my thirteen y/o has also had the same problem for a couple of months now and they said the same thing about her urine. although she has had some protein in her urine and white blood cells. any information would be helpful, thank you for your time.
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Never did get any comments  from anyone or a dr. on this site, but 6 months after posting my White flakes and flank pain and 2 emergency room visits, I finally found  a dr. that did an utltra sound; 1 month later I was in the hospital having surgery to take out my gall bladder; 1 GOLF BALL sized stone sitting in it. So if anyone else is having a multitude of pain in side, back, shoulder, under right ribs, ITS your GALL BLADDER, get it taken out before it kills you.
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thank you
i have the same symptoms ill have it checked out
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pain only pain
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Am in the middle of the same situation now, burning in urethra, white specks in Urine, aching in back about waistline but not showing bacteria. Have had years of bladder infections with the same symptoms (  and worse  ) which always test out to be an infection---except for this time. Could not take the meds prescribed because of Nausea so will contact my Dr in next day or so.  Also have IBS and Fibro & Diabetes. Fibro can also cause an irritated Bladder, I understand but have never been told that was my problem.
I have white flakes coming out of penis with urine. Causes severe burning in my urethra until it all passes. It's been happening periodically for many years. But there's no pain anywhere else. What is this?
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Im having this SAME problem! pain in back and side with white flakes in my urine and its also VERY cloudy I stilll havent said anything to my doctor about it.. im also 28 weeks pregnant.. what could they do with me being pregnant? anything?
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THANK YOU for this thread
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i have the same problem. i have been to the doc over and over. from what i found and knowing my own body and fam history this is what i come up with. the white flakes are crystals most likely. i have insurance and im not use to that so doc after doc after doc. then it hit me i done this before and i was ok with an old home remedy. from what i got you can def have a kidney stone and most probably little ones. i have them a lot to the point i didnt pay attention to them like i should. i also dont drink. so it hit me while filling at the new doc form about the not drinking what i use to do and it does work. first have an evening when you can just do this for you with no responsibly. then get you 2 or 3 beers and a bath room you can have to yourself. flush your kidneys out like this. i knwo it sounds strange but will help the pain lots. over the counter they sell baritum that misspelled as the pharmacist. it is a pill that is mostly die "turns your urine orange" so you can tell how much you flush you kidneys and a little pain reliever to calm your kidney pain but not much mainly it for the die. take it and drink a beer then drink 2 glasses of water dont wait just set there and drink this all strait away. then drink the sec beer and 3 glasses of water then the third. beer relaxes your body and make you have to pee. it also has a flushing effect like no other. after that you should have to pee several times and keep the water up just for the next 24 hours a lot of water. as much as you can witch out making yourself sick but way more then you would normally drink. this will clean your kidneys and batter out. if you dont have too big of stones to pass you should pass them fast. if your hurting bad a hot bath helps. threw it all it will flush your kidneys well and help relieve the pain. when your urine  goes back to a normal color you will know you flushed them and the die is gone. you may have to repeat this or change the amount to suit you. yet i dont drink and this is the only thing that ever helped me. be aware that if you dont drink beer and water will make you drunk so dont drive and act responsible. if your pregnant you can just use water to do this and ask the doc about the die idk about that and being prego. still all this is very easy to do and will help you. you can also get a strainer to check to see if you passed a stone. the die is very orange at first even red almost dont let that scare you it is shocking the first time. this is my home remedy for many times and always helps me. stones are build up and crystals. they hurt and   you should see a doc yet if you want them gone and they are passable this is a great flushing method. it is fast takes a couple hours and you may just be out of pain after this. i also drink at least a gallon of water the next few days to make it easier on my kidney to heal. for those who dont drink you can do this with water but the beer seems to make it easier and faster. very much if you normally dont drink it seems to make your kidneys kick into gear. this is not for all the time use but i do use it to flush my kidneys out 2 or 3 times a year. havent for about 3 years and now im having to because of pain. hope this helps.
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I had back pain, flakes in Urine, severe pelvic pain and after my mom forced me to go to the ER, I was told I had uterin fibroids.  I have since healed from them.  I am taking vicotin, demerol, cinnamon, 100,000 mg of cranberry... anything that will help get rid of the pain, and last but not least, lots of prayer.  Uterine Fibroid, hurts, feels like someone is kicking you in the groin over and over again, while simultaneously kneeing you in the middle of your back.  At first my tee was brown.  I had to get an ultrasound, painless, and it didn't hurt.
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All of you are exhibiting signs of interstitial cystitis. This can be caused by many reasons, but namely if you get into the UTI cycle, the antibiotics cause inflammation in the urinary tract which can lead to IC. Also I have noticed that  women who have taken hormones for fertility treatments or for menopause are exhibiting these signs as well and there is also an underlying liver/gall bladder component to this as well. GO SEE AN HERBALIST. The doctors do not know how to treat this. Herbal demulcent teas will keep the inflammation down. Keep a food diary and know your triggers. Typical triggers are acidic foods like tomatoes and other nightshades....sugar, alcohol....support your liver too....herbs and good food. leafy greens. Bitter herbs are indicated here as well.
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