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White particle i nurine & lower back ached, nausea, bloating and gas

I have been seen by my dr. this week for these symptoms, but have yet to get results back.
What could therses symptoms point to?
It's not an infection because  I don't have a fever, and it's not painful to urinate.
Curious for some expert opinion.
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    How are you? Urinary tract infection caused by atypical organisms or fungi can present itself with only mild discharge from the urethra, which can be seen in the urine. How long have you been having these symptomss? Did you experience this before?

But presence of nausea, bloating, low back ache without fever usually goes in favour of renal failure. For this you need to get an ultrasound with urine examination done. Kidney stones or ureter stones if they are blocking the tract could also cause the above mentioned symptoms.

Treatment varies from condition to condition. See what your reports say and follow the advise of your doctor.
All the best.

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