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White penile discharge

Hi, I saw little white pus when I squeezed my penis. No recent sexual contacts. There is "no" burning when I pee but very itchy on some days usually when I don't wash it for few hours (is itchy when there is white deposits under foreskin and becomes red when itchy). I consulted a doc and he did all std test (hiv, hepatitis b, vdrl syphillis, gonococcal, hsv2 etc) and all came back negative.
Urine tests shows : rbc = 18 - 24 and wbc : 3- 4. Epithelial cells : 13 - 15. Crystals : 77 - 87 calcium oxalate.  Bacteria count : 15 - 17. Yeast cells : nil. Blood : negative. Leukocytes esterace : nil. Uric acid is there and doc prescribed medicine. Everything else in urine test shows normal ( glucose, pH, bile, acetone, nitrates, urobilinogen, albumin etc)

Swab test of discharge shows (gram stain ):
Few pus cells, many epithelial cells, scanty
Gram positive cocci and no structures
Morphologicaly resembling neissera gonorrhoeae.

Gonorrhea/chamyldia bac is gram negative. I didn't understand the above result.

Is there any problem with my kidney or it is due to infection? I have sole pain for past few months when I wake up in the morning, I thought it was due to overweight.  Do you see any problems in the above urine and swab result? I am tensed cuz my wife became pregnant this week and if there is any infection she might have it too.
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I am having norfloxacin for past 4 days still there is little white on tip when I squeeze in the morning. Also very itchy.
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