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White tiny spots under penis head

By some days , I noticed some tiny white bumps under my penis head all around. I can show you photos,i hope that is legal here,if is not i am sorry.
I am a little concerned if they will dissapear as im sure is not an STD.
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I believe those are fordyce spots. Completely harmless and no treatment is necessary. It's more of a cosmetic concern. Still, if they worry you, the best thing to do would be to see a doctor. Hope this helped :)
Megan thanks for answer. Are fordyce spots the same thing as penile papules?
Can they increase in size and multiply?
can they dissapear?
Im afraid that no girl might like such thing
Penile papules are outgrowths of the skin. Fordyce spots have to do with sebaceous glands. They are filled with sebum and other debris. Neither are sexually transmitted, and I honestly think that everyone has fordyce spots. And if not everyone, then the majority of people. They're a totally normal thing. Besides, I don't think anyone will notice them. So I wouldn't worry about girls thinking they're sexually transmitted. :)

I hoped I helped!
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Also, as to the rest of your questions.. I am not sure if they will multiply, but over time, they may go away on their own.
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