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Will Mondors disease go away?

Hi all, i have what im extremely sure is Mondors disease. The vein runs from the bottom of my penis up, and branches to the left a bit. Its unpainful and not very visible when flaccid. Its 'swelling' i believe has gone down in the past two weeks. I had three questions:

1) Will it likely go away on its own?
2)Can i leave it untreated, as in just avoid using creams etc?
3) Is it safe for me to gently masturbate?  

Thanks all!!
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Always bet to have a doctor take a look and confirm our self diagnosis. This article may help you though:  https://www.urologynews.uk.com/features/synopsis/post/penile-mondor-s-disease.  It states that it usually happens due to vigorous intercourse and therefore, gentle masturbation should be fine. (it does not say that, but that is my summation).  It also states it is self limiting (will get better) and resolves on its own and is aided in resolving with Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medication (nsaids like ibuprofen).  
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