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Wrinkled scrotum after vasectomy

I had a vasectomy about 7 days ago-and had swelling for a few days after.  Other than that no real issues. BUT after the swelling subsided I now have old man looking loose skin on my scrotum. I'm only 35 and never had to much loose skin before. I'm a bit freaked out over this and want to know if it’s due to the fact that I had swelling that went down and now my skin has to get back to normal AND  if that’s the case how long will I look like I'm 75 in the scrotum area. My wife things I’m paranoid, But when it come to down there I AM.  Anybody else  have a similar situation.
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I had a vasectomy about 2 weeks ago and I am still a little swollen with a tiny bit of pain.  I also got sperm granulomas which isn't very cool.

I had a very similar experience as you regarding your scrotum.  I can't explain why it happens but I am guessing it is due to the Doctor stretching out the scrotum to make it easier to get to the vas.

Mine slowly went back to normal.  I have noticed that when I am in a bit of discomfort "they" will drop a bit and have that old man look.

I am sure you are fine but you can check with your urologist if you think anything is wrong.
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Thanks for the quick response...I hope to hear from others who have experienced the same thing so I don't think I am all alone. Other then the wrinkly old-man skin the incision site is healing relatively well, and I am in little to no pain other then being uncomfortable from the hair starting to grow back.
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Dude...my scrotum seems to have stretched to accomodate a bull's balls after my vasectomy.  Has me freaked out that my nuts have shrunk.
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my sack could fit 3 sets of balls.
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I went for a vasectomy 3 days ago, they used to call me eightballs because I have four boys.  Now after the vasectomy I feel like I really have 4 balls...can't wait for the child support to start.  All joking aside, I'll never do this again!
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I can relate to you in regards to vasectomies. I had mine done in 1999 and ended up having emergency surgery to remove a hematoma on the left testicle. I was in the hospital for 4 days before I was discharged. I remained home for the following month or so and than returned to work again. ( heavy duty mechanic) I thought that that would have been the end of it.
I originaly had the procedure to prevent infections from going into the testicles since I used to come down with infections about every 3 to 4 months.
A year went by but there seemed to be a small hole on the left side of the scrotum where the blood clot had been removed.
I went for a check up with the urologist for other issues and he told me that I should not worry about it.
A week after that I ended up in the hospital with a scrotum that looked the size of a large grapefruit. There seemed to be an infection of the right testicle. After a week in the local hospital I was transferred to a city hospital after the scrotal skin split open.
On my birthday I underwent emergency surgery to have my left testicle removed. I was diagnosed with a staph infection.
Due the severity of the infection they left the scrotum open to heal from the inside out. They were not sure if they had the infection under control. I was in isolation.
After 10 days I was discharged and went home with the scrotum still open to heal from the inside out. For the next month or so, my wife had to pack it with saline soaked gauze 4 times a day. Not fun.
I now have a scar on my scrotum where the tisue was taken out, and am left with only the right testicle. On top of that my testosterone levels are low, so I have to inject myself every month  with testosterone.
The good part is that I have had no infections in the remaining testicle. I prefer this to getting infections every 3 to 4 months. I sure wish that things would have gone differently.
With each surgery we take risks, most of us are not aware of all that can go wrong.

All the best.

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I just had the procedure done a little over a week ago.  Because the doctor never gave me any good advise, and I neglected to ask, I didnt realize you need to keep your balls well supported and ice them frequently.  I am now paying for this for sure.  First I had serious swelling of the scrotum and now that that has subsided a bit,  my scrotum sac is huge.  Yes definitely worried about having old man balls for the rest of my life.  
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after all this time did it go back to normal?
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I had the surgery about 1 1/2 years ago.  Prior my scrotum would hang and never felt pressure.  Now over a year later. My scrotum looks like 1 big sack instead of 2 hanging ones like they use to look. Is this typical for anyone?  I prefer to have them descend as before instead of looking like 1 whole. I've recently (this week) have begun to feel discomfort on my right testicle. Anyone else feel this so far along?
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25yrs on and still have old man balls. Just have to live with it!!!
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