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Yellow Discharge

I'm a male 18 and I've noticed a yellowish discharge. It usually happens once or twice a day, and comes out in small quantities (1 or 2 drops). I usually keep a tissue there as I have urine incontinence, so I usually see it when it's dry.
1. It seems to be thicker than urine, and it dries faster than semen would.
2. It not dark yellow, but it does range from light yellow to moderate yellow.
3.it comes out with excitement sometimes and sometimes without (not like ejaculation)

From what I understand seminal discharge comes out in bursts, it's release decrease passion/excitement, it's thick, gooey and white

And precum comes out in small quantities, it's release doesn't decrease passion/excitement, it's thin, sticky and clear.

I would have called this precum, but the colour throws me off.

1. Could this be identified under what type of liquid?
2. Is precum always clear or does it come out in other colours?
3. Any solutions to stop it
4. Any advice about the urine incontinence

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You've got no other symptoms?
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