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Zoon's Balanitis

I have been diagnosed with Zoon's Balanitis in Aug 2007. Initially I was treated with Elidel and Desonide for 45 days. Later with T-Bact, Canstat and Elidel for another 60 days. But the red patch always comes back. I am told that this is probably due to Candidasis. Also, Elidel has been stopped for last 60 days ...How long does it take to recover? I am really frightened and perturbed.

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I have had this once just after my wife and I got married. I had been on antibiotics for a while and my wife had a yeast infection, but did not know about yeast infections.

When my wife went in to see that was wrong with her, our doctor told her to bring me in to get checked as well. Both of us were told to use Canastan. I was told to completely cover my penis with the Canastan cream. I was instructed to do it in the morning and just before  going to bed. I was also instructed to keep the penis as clean as possible, and to wipe of any urine. We both were instructed not to have intercourse for at least a month.

My wife was able to clear the yeast infection within the month. Too me it seemed that things were under control and proceeded with intercourse. Within 2 days things for me were worse then before. As I went back to our doctor I got the same instructions but was also given a prescription for my wife as well. Our doctor told us that it was possible for each of us to keep infecting each other.

I would say that it took just over two months for me to have things cleared up. I was told to eat yogurt to fight the candida since I was using antibiotics on an of and on basis.

Candida thrives in moist worm places, the foreskin covers the glans and therefore is an ideal place for the candida to multiply. It is also easy for the candida to live in the digestive tract and to be spread by contact. Antibiotics kill the bacteria in our bowel that normaly would kill the Candida.

Candida can be shared between partner with one of them having very little to no symptoms. So you can see how easy it is for the candida to be transmitted. Because of this it is very hard to control. Both sexual partners must be treated at the same time. Do not just asume that things are cleared since you start to feel better. Get check to make sure it is cleared.

I hop that you will try these things and that you will not result to be a victim of the knive through circumcision. I have had many problems that dealt with my penis and scrotum, but there is no way that I would want to part with my foreskin. Having needed to have one testicle removed was enough.

If you have intercourse with a new partner or one whose medical history is unkown to you, then please use a condom. I even use a condom now when I'm with my wife and I do know that I have a yeast infection. Over the last 7 months that has not been aplicable since I have had a catheter in, due to a urological problem.

If you engage into unprotected anal intercourse you put yourself a the highest risk of a yeast infection and balanitis as a result of it, as the Candida thrives in the bowel. Again the use of a condom would minimize that risk. I know that direct contact between partners feels better but it is not worth the risks involved.

Even now having had a catheter in for last 7 months, I have gotten to appreciate my foreskin even more. I have had occasions where the foreskin for some reason was retracted. This caused friction from the catheter against the meatus, causing quite the discomfort. When I ensure that my foreskin covers the glans and also covers the catheter the discomfort is minimal. I believe that this due to the foreskin being flexible, as well as keeping some moisture around the catheter. Had I been circumwacked, it would mean that there would be a constant movement of the dry catheter against the dry meatus (urethral opening). By now it would have driven me mad.

No CIRCUMCISION is NOT sensible. If we were not supposed to have a foreskin, would you not think that we would have been born without one. I believe in creation, or Lord made us with a foreskin. In the new testament paul mentions that there is no need for circumcision.
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i had unprotected sex and 14 days later i ended up with balanitis i i seen two doctors they took test and told me it was caused by a yeast infection but i read on the internet i can also becaused by hiv should i be worried it has been 90 days the glands have not completley gone back to normal but i am in no pain
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I have the same thing.  I've tried antibacterial and antifungal creams and pills.  Nothing has worked.  I'm beginning to suspect that the only sensible course of treatment is circumcision, which I suppose I would agree to, as a last resort.  This illness has ravaged my life.
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