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acinetobacter lwoffii

Posted By Doug on May 17, 1999 at 19:20:51
i posted the other day regarding yeast infections. I also wanted to add that i had 5 cultures done and four of them came back normal. One of the cultures showed that i had an overgrowth of Acinetobater Lwoffi. It said the level was at 30,000. I have also been on high powered antibiotics for 1 year. What i want to know is that is this bacteria part of the normal flora and if it is will it return to normal on its own? My doctor seems to think it will go back on its on. he at first wanted to prescribe Septra but when he found out my urologist had me on all of those antibiotics he said for me not to take it. My only symptoms are itching of my scrotum, itching around my penis, and burning of the penis. It does make sex not feel as good as its supposed too. I can feel the pleasure of an orgasm but when the semen gets out to my penis, the penis burns. Its like my penis is very hot to the touch. It burns at other times too when i am not even having sex. Could someone please give me their insight? Don was so nice to give me his the other day. I hope Don or someone else can help me with this. I am just not sure if it is a yeast infection or not. Thanks a lot Doug


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