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bacterial prostatitis from sexual encounter?

This is my second time posting. I apologise if this is the incorrect place for this (if so, please direct me to the appropriate forum). My question is basically what course of action I should take to rule out bacterial infection via sexual intercourse of an inflamed prostate.

I am 26 years old and have never had any urinary or prostate problems in my life. I had an unprotected sexual liaison in Taiwan in February. The experience was good, with a girl I was romantically involved with and I had no anxiety about it. Within three days I developed pelvic/ testicle/urethral pain along with frequent and burning urination. My first thoughts were STDs.

The taiwanese doctor gave me a  week of  doxycycline, which seemed to offer some relief.  After two weeks with returning symptoms I visited a clinic and was given two weeks of ciprofloxacin, which provided little to no relief and had horrible side effects. After a few weeks I saw an infectious disease specialist who finally ruled out most common STDs (HSV, HIV, thrich, syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea). My urine tests were all clean. He injected me with some kind of antibiotic cocktail and gave me a week long course of zithromax. During this time I developed severe constitutional problems and oral thrush.  I quit all the drugs, and after a month all my symptoms seemed to gradually improve, but I still was not completely normal. Two weeks ago I came down with a bad cold and suddenly the pain and frequency  returned with a vengeance.  I had an ultrasound done which indicated my prostate was enlarged, and I was diagnosed with prostatitis.  I went back to my doctor, and he said at my age, and given the rapid onset of symptoms after my sexual liaison, he suspects the culprit to still be bacterial in nature, and wants me to go on long term antibiotics.   He just prescribed me cipro again for four weeks and a drug called ceftin. To be honest I dont want to take the cipro again, because it seemed to offer me no relief the first time,  not to mention I suffered from such heavy side effects. Although all my previous urine tests were clean, I have yet to have a culture taken from my prostate or seminal fluid. My doctor says he can put me on a list for a biopsy, but it will take weeks (i dont have insurance and Im seeing him at a volunteer clinic).  Im not sure if I should start treating this as non bacterial infection, or still pursue the antibiotics route. Given my age and history, does anyone think its possible that I could be dealing with a bacterial infection? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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