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bed wetting 25 yrs old male

I've been a bedwetter since at least 5 years old and still am to this day, at almost age 26. I've been to many doctors about the problem and have explained as thoroughly as possible. They all suggest the same thing regardless of what I tell them and their suggestions do not work. When I tell them that, they don't have anything else they can suggest or do it seems. It seems they're all stumped. To answer questions that may be asked, I will run through what I know about my issue.. And I understand I should be looking for a urologist or something else but the truth is, I just can't afford to keep going to doctors who are just going to tell me the same thing. For example, the first thing they tell me is to cut back on what I drink... The problem is, when I'm down to drinking absolutely nothing, I can't really cut back anymore now can I ? And by drinking, I do not mean alcohol.. I mean soda (mountain dew, root beer, etc)..

I have tried all of the common suggestions.. No drinking after a certain time... Even tried without drinking for whole days.. Alarm clocks are out of the question because they do not wake me up. I am too much of a deep sleeper and never hear them. There could be a tornado, or even if I was on fire and I'd sleep right through it.

I am very certain that it is not related to a weak bladder. There have been many times I wake up in the morning with a full bladder having to go so bad and was surprised I held it all night. To test whether it was weak bladder or not, I have even went to sleep while having to go and still wake up dry.

There are times where I'll go dry for several weeks and think I grew out of it.. Then suddenly it comes back to haunt me for many many nights after that. Gets pretty expensive having to buy new mattresses every month due to the damage on them (even when keeping the plastic and other mattress protections on)..

As far as I know, I have not had any dreams related to going to the bathroom or anything.. I am very healthy, and have had tests and they all come up fine.. No problems at all with any sort of diseases, disorders, infections, etc..

I know that I toss and turn and often talk in my sleep. I also have caught myself actually being awake sometimes in the middle of the night but don't consciously know it. (like my body is awake but my brain is asleep).. During these very rare moments, I do feel that I'm wetting myself.. I can feel and barely hear (sounds are distorted) but there isn't much I can do beyond that. I can't move or tell my brain to tell me to move. But again these cases are extremely rare and I don't always feel myself wetting the bed.

There are times where I do wake up in the middle of the night and manage to go to the bathroom, but those are very rare as well.. So I know I'm very capable of waking up when having to go.. Just sometimes when I get in those "sleep talking" and "sleep moving" stages which don't seem to happen all the time, is when it seems to happen.

I sometimes have stress, but not always... Stress or no stress, the same things all apply. I've had this bedwetting problem in times of stress and in times of no stress just like I've had dry nights with and without stress.

I have been tested for sleep apnea which I believe I do have. I was only able to really sleep very lightly for about 20 minutes though and they determined that was long enough and said I don't have sleep apnea. I feel that was wrong though. But either way, I'm not so sure that sleep apnea is the cause of the bed wetting as much as I used to think it was.

I do however think the cause is some other kind of sleep disorder though but just not sure which one and am beginning to think there will never be a cure for me since I can't afford the testing, doctors, or otherwise... And because they all just end up not having anymore answers after their original ones fail. I also know I sure can't seem to figure out any patterns. For awhile I thought it was temperature related but I was disappointed to find I was no genius in solving that.. I also once thought it was related to my sleepiness but was disappointed to find I was wrong with that as well.. I've tested and tried so many theories and all have been shot down.

There are times when I do go to sleep with paranoia of ghosts and other things and that is my latest theory I am currently testing out. Thinking that when I have the paranoid episodes, it will be a night of bed wetting. I am not 100% sure yet and these theory tests I've been trying take me years to know the result. And time is something I just don't have or want to dedicate to finding a solution or cause.

I simply want to find the cause, or at the very least a solution that can stop this so that I'd be able to sleep over at a friends or even get married... Until I find a solution, all of that is out of the question. I can't invite anyone into my room because my bed is covered in plastic and other mattress protection... I do not want people knowing or having to explain as it is quite embarassing, and you may say it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarassed about... Well it is still embarassing and shameful as not everyone is so nice. People have laughed about me in the past for this problem and my lack of self confidence can't take another hit.

Also to know, there is another problem besides cost that prevents me from getting more medical help on this... Severe shyness... Yeah, I am very unable to talk to people, even my own family which is another problem altogether that I'm trying to fix.. I had to write a letter to my doctors about this bed wetting thing, thats how bad it is, to the point I can't even say when I am having trouble. Imagine that?
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